A number of books in English are available for purchase at our gatherings or by email. See below for details.


This book is given as a gift should one enter into a commitment as an Aspirant in the Community. (Please email us for more information).

Details are given of obligations, responsibilities, prayers, hymns, explanations of the Community's choice of scripture reading, some of Fr Barsotti's Circulars, a selection of writings taken from the works of our four Saints whom the Community draws from their example and teaching for its spirituality, and more.

154 pages: 180 x 110 x 10
The life story of Divo Barsotti, by Serafino Tognetti, is written in an engaging style that includes original diary entries giving insight to Barsotti's personal and spiritual life and allows one to identify with the disappointments and trials of this prolific writer. This book provides a starting point to learn more about his fascinating journey as a Priest, Mystic and Father. Serafino lived with Barsotti for over twenty years and knew him personally.


424 pages: 210 x 130 x 25mm


26 Chapters containing extracts from mediations by Fr Divo Barsotti on formation for vows.


170 pages: 240 x 160 x 16mm


This book contains Circulars written by Fr Divo Barsotti. Chapter I contains 24 Circular Letters written to the Community. Some Letters are; One Soul and One Heart, Always on the Journey, Heart of the Church, Imploring the Spirit that His will may be Done and The Negative Virtues. Chapter II includes 5 Circular Letters on Liturgy and Sacred Scripture. Chapter IIIcomprises of 11 Letters on various subjects including; Eschatological Vocation, Invitation to Hope, At the Conclusion of the Ecumenical Council On the death of John XXIII


160 pages: 180 x 110 x 9mm


Containing extracts from Fr Divo Barsotti's meditations, this book gives a brief description of the beginning of the CFD and explains our name, motto and ideals. Then follows 9 Chapters detailing; monastic spirituality, prayer life, living fraternal charity, our important feast days, spirit of penance, CFD structure, our communion with the Saints, our relationship with the dead and also with the Second Vatican Council.


271 pages: 170 x 110 x 15mm

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Books listed above are available for purchase at all Gatherings which are held at:

St Paul's Catholic Church and School Hall,
230 Sunshine Road,
Kealba Victoria
on the first Saturday of each month excluding January, 8.30am - 4.00pm.

Alternatively arrangements for book purchase can be made by contacting us:

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