Community of the Sons and Daughters of God


The Community of the Sons and Daughters of God was founded in 1947 by an Italian priest, Fr Divo Barsotti (1914 - 2006). It was established first in Italy and recognised as a Public Association of the Faithful by the Catholic Church in 1984. It has now spread to Australia, Benin, Colombia, Croatia, England and Wales, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. The heart of the Community is the Mother House located in Settignano in the outskirts of Florence. St Augustine of Canterbury Monastic House is located in Dookie; Victoria, Australia.

The Community consists mainly of laypeople, who through Fr Barsotti, have discovered a contemplative vocation and have been inspired to live the monastic spirit in the world. The Community also comprises of men and women who live a traditional monastic life, as well as diocesan Priests. Learn more


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